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Google Ads

The online sector constitutes a competitive field in which companies have to constantly improve their promotion methods in order to keep up with the market leaders. 

Various tools and technologies are used for this. One of the most effective methods is considered to be the Google Ads of the site on the Internet. This method allows you to quickly attract an audience to your resource. At the same time, new visitors play the role of active users interested in purchasing your product. 

This is due to one feature of PPC advertising. Unlike traditional ads, it is shown only to the part of the audience that is looking for a product or service similar to yours. 

There are three main types of Google advertising:

Searching ads

In this case, the ad is displayed on the page when the user enters a query that is relevant to the keywords in the ad.

Thematic ads

Provides for the display of advertisements only on those web resources, the subject of which is related to the theme of the advertisement. For example, football kit ads will be displayed on websites that sell sporting goods.

Behavioral ads

It appears on the pages of users who are interested in a certain topic, which is similar to the direction of your advertising.

Advantages of the Google Ads

Advertising in Google Ads is one of the most effective solutions that have a number of advantages.

When set up correctly, it provides very high conversions at significantly lower advertising campaign costs. In addition, its advantage is a wider choice of web resources where advertising will be placed.

Google advertising, in addition to the optimal combination of price and performance, is characterized by the following advantages:

Setting up contextual advertising

Contextual Advertising in Google Search is the most popular and effective advertising on the Internet for direct sales of services or goods. The user will see your advertisement in the first four places in Google Search by entering his request. For example: buy a laminate.

Benefits of contextual advertising in Google Search:

Media Advertising Google Display Network, DSK

Google Adwords media advertising – text and banner advertising on partner sites and Google directories.

Peculiarities of media advertising:


Remarketing is a method of text and banner advertising that helps to return the user to the site. For example, a user visits your resource and leaves his order in the cart without making a purchase. In this case, he will be shown an advertisement about an unfinished order or a banner of a product that he has already viewed on other Internet resources of Google partners.


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