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Investors visa UAE

Property owners are often not aware that the purchase of a property in the Emirate of Dubai alone is not sufficient to be able to stay in the United Arab Emirates for a longer period of time than a tourist visa. Rather, property owners – and also their family members – have to apply for permanent residence permits, so-called residence visas, after purchasing property. The acquisition of property ownership is the starting point for the issuance of the residence visa. Below we explain the currently available options and their special features. 

Types of visas 

There are currently three main types of residence visas that can be applied for real estate owners. They all fall under the Investors Visa (also referred to as Partner Visa) category and identify their holder as an Investor. The main differences lie in the validity period of the visas and their costs. Which variant is available to the individual applicant depends on the amount of investment made in the economy of Dubai. 

UAE investors visa – partner visa in Dubai 

3 – Year Investor Visa  

Real estate owners who have acquired property in the so-called freehold zone for a price of at least AED 1 million are eligible to apply for a 3-year investor visa.  

The real estate object which entitles its owner for the investors visa UAE must be a property that has already been completed and ready to move in. The purchase of undeveloped land or a property under construction is not sufficient. On the other hand, it is irrelevant whether it is residential or commercial property and how long the property has been owned by the applicant. 

The applicant is able to sponsor his/her spouse and children for a family visa.   

The application process for obtaining a 3-year partner visa UAE is relatively time-consuming, since several authorities have to be involved: 

The overall process usually takes between 30 and 45 days. 

The total cost of applying for a 3-year partner visa UAE is around AED 15,000, with additional AED 8,000 per one dependent family member. 

It is important to know that the holder of a 3-year visa must continuously maintain the real estate property in the required investment volume during the validity of the visa. If he wants to sell the real estate property, he can only do so if he either cancels the 3-year visa or can otherwise prove that his investment volume in real estate is still at least AED 1 million. The same applies to the extension of the 3-year visa. 

Please note that a 3-year investor visa Dubai does not entitle the holder to work in the UAE as he is not granted a work permit due to his investor status. Sponsored family members, on the other hand, can work if their employer applies for a work permit for them. 

As with most other types of residence visas, both the holder of the 3-year visa and his sponsored family members must ensure regular entering the UAE every 180 days. 

5 – Year Investor Visa  

The investment volume for a 5-year partner visa Dubai is at least AED 5 million. The property must also be completed and handed over to the owner. An important difference to the 3-year visa, however, is that the property must be completely unencumbered. This means that no mortgages or other loans are allowed.  

The application process for obtaining a 5-year visa is more straightforward. The applicant must first apply for pre-approval from the DLD by submitting copies of all relevant documents. It takes about ten days to issue the pre-approval. 

Once that is ready, all original documents can be submitted directly to the DLD and all other necessary actions can be carried out at the same time. Ideally, the applicant will receive the 5-year visa within one day and within a single appointment at the DLD. The same applies for residence visas for any sponsored family members.  

The total cost of issuing a 5-year visa is approximately AED 2,315 per applicant. Family members can be sponsored for around 2,600 AED per person.  

Applicants for the 5-year visa must also ensure that the investment amount of at least AED 5 million is maintained during the visa period. In addition, holders of the Dubai property investment visa cannot apply for a work permit 

A perk compared to the 3-year visa is that the holder only needs to enter the UAE once a year to maintain his 5-year visa. For family members, on the other hand, the general 180-day rule will remain. 

10 – Year Investor Visa  

The peculiarity of this type of investor visa UAE is that its holder is supposed to make a public investment of AED 10 million. He can establish a company or make an investment in a functioning company, with the non-real estate part accounting for no less than 60% of his investment. 

Family members can also receive this visa, as well as the visa holder’s partners, on condition they make a minimum contribution of AED 10 million to the economy of the country.  

Like with the 5-year visa, the applicant must use his own investment capital, without attracting credit funds. Moreover, he is supposed to prove his financial solvency, which is expected to be no less than AED 10 million.  

The application process and pack of documents are similar to those of the 5-year visa. The total cost per applicant makes up approximately AED 2,950. 

A large number of property owners qualify for the 3-year visa. For many, however, the cost of applying seems disproportionate to the benefit gained from a 3-year visa compared to a tourist visa. This type of visa is therefore suitable for those applicants for whom a tourist visa is not sufficient. In this respect, 5-year and 10-year visas are more attractive. However, the investment sums of AED 5 and 10 million accordingly limit the circle of beneficiaries.