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Accounting Services

No matter whether you are the owner of a small business or a multimillion company you know that your financial information is the key to your business success and profit. Surely that for proper business and financial management you should always be abreast of the latest changes in tax legislation, possible modifications in the reports submitting procedure etc. Nevertheless the business owners don’t always have time to go deep into innovations and updates. In this case they usually refer to accounting outsourcing. ATCA Co. Ltd. is an accounting firm of Chartered Certified Accountants. The professionals of our accounting department are ready to help you in any issues related to the accounting services. Our specialists will provide you with the assistance in registration and conducting business in accordance with the legislation of Cyprus and you will definitely enjoy all the benefits that this country can offer.

What services does your company offer

Our accounting firm provides the following services:

Preparation of VAT reports quarterly

If your company is registered for VAT, you should submit VAT reports that summarizes all VAT-eligible transactions for the specified accounting period. Using our services you can be sure that these reports will be duly and accurately submitted.

Preparation of VIES reports monthly

This report must be prepared and submitted by all companies which provide services cross-borders to the businesses within the European Union. The VIAS report is required to be submitted each calendar month. You should remember that these reports are additional and separate from VAT reports and we will help you with all the details.


Our company will help you to organize a process of payments to all company’s employees, including tracking hours worked, insurance, tax withholding. We will provide you with the most user-friendly solutions to make the calculating payroll process easier. Generally, payroll is connected with major expenses so it’s better to entrust this process to the reliable accounting firm.

Social insurance & PAYE

Not sure about the insurance rates? With our company you don’t need to worry any more. Our specialists are aware of all details related to social insurance rates and PAYE and we’ll provide you with all necessary attendance.

Management and Weakness reports

These reports are required both for strategic planning and decision making related to the Human Resources Management.

International business

If you want to trade goods, services, technology, etc. across the border, our company will help you with all issues related to the registration, taxation, legislation, etc.

Management accounts

For proper analysis and communication of financial data necessary for up-to-date decision making, our company will help you to make management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis.


We will help you with all aspects of creating and sending out invoices for the work or services completed by your company.


When conducting a business you are to plan your revenues and expenses. We will provide you assistance in creating a plan (budget) that will help you to balance income and expenses as if they don’t balance your company will face a number of problems. Many people don’t realize their expenses and this causes debts. If you want to avoid these problems, refer to our company and we will help you with all budgeting procedures.

As you see our firm provides any accounting assistance necessary for the business to succeed in the ever-changing business world. We also guarantee confidentiality and accuracy in the process of making financial reports. Remember that the financial activity of the company consists of a great number of details that are crucial for your business success; the specialists of ATCA Co. Ltd. are aware of all these details and ready to provide you with all necessary accounting services.

Our accounting department consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel that deal with accounting, tax/vat, social insurance and legislation issues of clients all over the world. Our professionals always aim to ensure that our clients’ businesses comply with all government laws and enjoy all tax benefits that Cyprus has to offer. Finally, the provision of management reports, budgets and forecasts also aim to ensure the best function of your company.

Additional services that we provide are the following:
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