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In this unstable world and changing regulatory environment the corporate clients often need to rely on the specialists who will help them to relieve compliance risks and reduce administrative burden. Our experts can conduct professional and sophisticated studies that will help any company to identify weaknesses as well as improve its functioning in a healthy financial environment. We can take on the duties of the CEO of your company when it is too expensive to have one on a full time basis.

Moreover, we can monitor your company on a daily basis until it finally manages to function independently. We work closely to our clients in order to provide the most sophisticated solutions.

In the case of a non-physical office, our firm can conduct all administration work needed while providing you at the same time, with professional and practical solutions for the development of your business.

Our company offers a wide range of services covering all stages of the business cycle.

Here you can find a list of services that can be provided to any company upon request:

Feasibility studies

A feasibility study is an initial stage of any project. It helps to determine whether the proposed idea is practical. This should be done by experts who will help you to answer whether you have all necessary tools, people, and facilities to realize your plan.

Project appraisals

This is an important stage to assess key factors of the project and check its viability. The project appraisal consists of economic and financial appraisal, management appraisal, technical and legal appraisal. Our company will do any necessary appraisals to evaluate key factors of the project.


Our company knows how a good forecasting should look like. It should be accurate and comprehensive at the same time. We also know that the methods of forecasting differ depending on the sector factors, feedback cycles etc. Our methods are client-oriented and we guarantee the results.


When conducting a business it is important to plan your expenses and revenues. We will help you in this process and help to avoid any problems connected with incorrect budget planning.

Planning investments

To make a proper investment you can take assistance of our company in order to create an investment plan that works for you.

Business valuations

We will help you to valuate an economic value of your company.

Market research

Our company conducts market research to determine target markets and clients, as well as to get feedback about the services provided and the company in a whole. It is a complex process of gathering different information and verifying the success of the new product.

Business plans

We will help you to make up a plan that will become a real road map to your company growth and success.

Our company can also assist you in:

As you see we provide a full range of services from the establishment of the new entity to the implementation of financial transactions. We know that you are looking for a team of real professionals who can offer innovative solutions, and be sure that our company will exceed your expectations.

All services listed below can be provided to any company upon request:
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