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Static billboards

Do you want to create a memorable impression of your business that will catch everyone’s attention? No doubt that your answer is YES. If so, you should think about billboard advertisement. It is not an innovative type of advertising; however, it is still effective. There are two main types of billboards: static and digital. Before choosing the type of billboard you should know some information about them. In this article we’ll try to describe the traditional static billboards. So, talking about a definition, static billboard is a billboard with fixed face and the image here doesn’t change within minutes. They are really popular as they offer 24/7 display of an advertisement. It is considered that static billboards restrict the creativity as they are usually standard, but it is not so…. It usually depends on the brand, design, advertising campaign etc. You should also remember that static billboard advertisement is a kind of advertisement that catches attention of the people who might not even want to be advertised to. But here they don’t have any “SKIP” option. They see it and the repeated exposure causes this brand to become really popular.

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