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The design of an e-shop is a paramount component that affects the development and promotion of a business. The transition to the site page by users is carried out either through advertising or through organic search. The first visit creates the impression of the site’s appearance and this is crucially important moment. The site should not cause rejection, otherwise you can not count on the conversion. If the user does not perform targeted actions, the profit will be equal to zero.

Therefore, the first stages of working with a designer are critically important. The main task is to create an attractive and inviting design. Our company knows sense in it. We invite you to take advantage of the skill and creativity of our specialists. With the use of graphic designers, special “chips”, modern solutions that are successful in online business, we will create not only a convenient, but also an exciting and visually pleasing design of an online store.

Creating an e-shop design is not just a job, it is an improvement of the entire online business system, so every detail must be thoroughly worked out so that the user has an “aftertaste” after visiting your resource. With a special “zest”, consumers will return again and again.

Stages of developing an E-Shop

  • Obtaining information from the customer

    Discussing all the necessary parameters, ideas, visions, “chips”, additional elements that the customer would like to see on his site.

  • Analysis of the target audience

    The allocation of the contingent for which the product will be designed. Segmentation of consumers and their needs will help determine the overall concept of the future site, make a decision on the design.

  • Creating a site layout

    In its own way, this is a map of the future site. Blocks, additional elements, user account, etc. will be placed here. Such a preliminary schematic plan will help to move correctly in the development process.

  • Development of functionality

    Availability of use for the user. Here the structure is developed, the site pages necessary for the consumer are determined, on which important elements will be harmoniously placed.

  • Content writing

    The text will be placed in the product description. It should be clear, concise and answer frequently asked questions.

  • Design

    The final stage, at which you will already have a ready prototype of the future online store.

The main elements affecting the quality of the online store

By developing an online store design with us, you get:

When designing, we primarily work not for ourselves, but for our clients. Therefore, for us, always the needs and wishes of our customers are on the first place.

Our company offers a personalized service – a new trend that is gaining momentum today. Having a unique design, you will get the fastest possible interaction between the buyer and the online store, a significant increase in the target audience, and style recognition on the web.
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