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Search engine optimization helps increase the number of users on your resource and improve the pastime rate. Order optimization of your site and get a conversion increase! 

The Internet has created numerous ways for effective promotion, thanks to which the web resource has become a key link in nowadays marketing. Using marketing tools correctly, it is possible to achieve quick sales and effective promotion in a few months. Potential opportunities should be combined, and connected with each other since it is impossible to attract the the users’ attention in only one way. If you have a website, then objectively evaluate its effectiveness. Perhaps you are missing some necessary settings?  

To attract an audience, stand out among thousands of other sites and bring profit to your company, you must use comprehensive solutions that help to increase traffic and conversion. One of such kind of solution is optimization. SEO marketing is a necessary procedure for obtaining a new audience and regular revenue. 

The close interconnection between SEO optimization and website promotion

A website becomes an effective promotional tool when it is customized to the preferences of users and the requirements of search engines. After entering the target query, the user rarely goes beyond the first page in the search results. If your resource is located further than the first or second page in the search engine, you can forget about the high traffic and profitability of the resource. 

Website optimization for search engines makes it possible to partially or entirely modernize the site to increase user flow and improve positions in the search results. Accordingly, if your resource is in the first positions, the profit of the company will definitely increase. 

Optimization and promotion in search engines are built on the algorithms of their work and are aimed at issuing sites that are 95% likely to be useful to the user. They are based on the following parameters:

Why do you need SEO?

Local SEO

Local SEO is the promotion of a business for requests with a regional reference. Today, Local SEO is a powerful tool for small businesses. 4 out of 5 consumers who are looking for local information use search. And this means that if your business is not optimized for local queries, then you can miss out on 80% of potential customers.
General Statistic says:

SEO process

  • SEO Niche Analysis

    We study in detail the main competitors of your business on the Internet. We predict the term for bringing the site to the TOP.

  • Site audit

    We conduct a technical SEO audit of your website. Finding and fixing major bugs.

  • Collecting the semantic core

    Formation of the semantic core, analysis of demand and frequency of key queries, competition.

  • Internal optimization

    We carry out a full SEO optimization of your site. Elimination of errors identified in the audit. Optimization and content filling.

  • External optimization

    The site is checked for vulnerability and load. It is important that it be stable, especially if payment systems are connected. This is one of the most rigorous stages of site development, specialists look for and close vulnerabilities.

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