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Web Development

The vast majority of the world’s inhabitants use the Internet every day. The average time spent online by people has long exceeded the time spent watching television and continues to grow steadily. Therefore, the modern business cannot afford to exist without a website. Own web resource provides a lot of advantages:

What does web development mean?

Web development is the process of creating a website or web application. The main stages of this process are web design, front-end, back-end, and testing.

Full-Stack website creation is a set of activities aimed at developing a finished web project. As a rule, it begins with an idea and developments, which are formalized in writing. With the help of a prototype, a future site can be seen, its functionality can be understood and a technical task can be drawn up.

The basic concept of website development includes such services as:

Stages of the process

  • Research and analytics of activity.

    It is very important to analyze competitors, study the target audience, understand the needs of the business and determine what tasks the product/service will solve. Based on the received information, it is possible to create a development strategy solution. At the same time, the scope of the direction, the features of doing business, and the situation on the market are taken into account. As a result, the client receives a platform that helps to overtake competitors.

  • Discussion of the design and content of the site.

    According to the wishes of the client, the designer develops the appearance of the site and its interface. Further, a prototype enters into development. It allows you to understand how the product will look in the end. This makes it possible to take into account all the nuances, determine the location of the elements and draw up a technical task for programmers. The task is to create a convenient and practical website with a design that will not lose its individuality and relevance for a long time. It is very important to make the site user-friendly.

  • Implementation.

    The technical content of the site includes: the forming of modules, writing of the codes, carrying out of phased testing. This is the longest stage, requiring careful study.

  • Connecting Services.

    At the stage of creating a site, specialists connect third-party applications and services that a business needs. These are CRM, ERP, API for business, various payment systems, cards, and other tools. The goal is to make your site even more useful, and enhance features and ease of use while reducing the cost of development.

  • Security.

    The site is checked for vulnerability and load. It is important that it be stable, especially if payment systems are connected. This is one of the most rigorous stages of site development, specialists look for and close vulnerabilities.

  • Site Release.

    Before the release, additional testing is carried out by simulating user actions. The security system, load, and usability are re-checked and the product performance is evaluated. Changes are made as necessary. After the tests, the site is uploaded to the hosting, the domain is attached. From this moment, the creation of a website for the business is completed.

What determines the cost and terms of website development?

It is possible to calculate the cost of creating a website only after consultation and discussion of the project. This is due to the fact that the price depends on many factors. What exactly will the site be like? Internet portal, store, corporate website, business card? How many pages will there be, and what should be the functionality? Each factor radically affects the cost. 

Estimating the approximate cost of the site is calculated as follows: the approximate time to work is multiplied by the cost of the work of employees who will participate in the project (designers, programmers, analysts, and other specialists). 

Creating a site takes an average of 2 to 8 months, but if necessary, it is possible to take template solutions that help you launch your site within a week. If a unique design is not important to you, and the set of functions should be standard, then a good option for a quick launch would be the decision to buy a website, template. 

Should be taken into account 

Despite the complex process of developing a site, the most important point is the right choice of a web development agency, a site development company. 

Team cohesion, the experience of each individual web developer, an integrated approach, and advance planning for each task are the key points that will ensure consistent, high-quality, and profitable results. 

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