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Web Hosting

What is web hosting? 

  Web hosting is an opportunity to place a website on the Internet. As soon as you’ve placed your site on the server, anyone can access it by typing the domain name in the browser bar. The site can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

In order to put your website on the network, you have to: 
  • First of all, create your own website. You need to have a template of the site on your local computer (in html format), or ready-made materials + a script that would allow you to create a website directly on the server. 
  • Domain name. The next task is to find and acquire a domain name for the site. It is desirable that the name reflects the theme of the site, and is easy to stick in the memory. The domain name can be in any domain zone of your choice, for example: .com .net .org, etc. When choosing a domain zone, be guided by data on domain topics. Domains .com , for example, are intended for commercial sites, .org – government agencies and public organizations. Regional domains indicate that the site belongs to a region. This is an optional rule, but worth remembering. 
  • Order one of the hosting plans from a web hosting company.  
Web hosting services – What does it mean? 

  A web hosting service is a variety of online hosting accommodations that enable individuals and companies to place their websites on the network. Web hosts can be explained as the companies that supply clients with the virtual area on a server they hold or lease, as well as an Internet accession, usually in a data center.  

There are few different models of web hosting services. 

  Such services can be applied by clients for shared or dedicated hosting of a few services. A web hosting service is usually used to place websites, but it can also be used to place corporate email, files, games, and other content. One more reason to use web hosting concluded in the outsourcing of a few assignments to a hosting supplier. It gives an opportunity to increase company resources and pay more attention to the company’s clients and business development. 

Variety of hosting services 

Businesses use the following types of hosting servers:

Web Hosting Features 

  Each type of web hosting comes with a host of different peculiarities that are either included in the standard package or can be added to the selected hosting plan. At this point, the user should already have some idea of ​​what type of web hosting is appropriate for their website, so below there is a closer look at some of the main characteristics offered by web hosting service providers. 

Security: Security should be a top priority for all websites to function, no matter what sphere of business you hold. However, while most providers offer SSL encryption capability as well as some form of backup capability as standard, payment processing websites may require an additional layer of security, such as more advanced encryption and protection against DDoS attacks or hacking. 

Information storage: The choice of information storage space brings us back to our original question: “What is the purpose of a website running?”. If you’re building a site that will contain mostly text content, with a minimal amount of images and videos, a low storage plan will suffice. However, a site that contains many high-res images and videos requires a higher storage plan. 

Bandwidth: Because bandwidth determines the speed at which data moves, a website that requires high traffic and downloadable items is more likely to need high or unlimited bandwidth links. And vice versa – for websites with low traffic, it is enough to have channels with less bandwidth. 

Website building tools: Managed hosting plans come with dedicated website building tools that allow you to create and host a website in one fell swoop. This is a great choice for companies looking for simple solutions to create websites and solve their hosting needs. However, for large companies that have the ability to attract developers and designers, this option is hardly suitable.