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Web Design

Website design is the first thing a visitor sees, so it is important to keep a balance between content and creativity. 

The task of design is to hook a person in the first 2-3 seconds, to interest and increase his time on the site, studying the services and products of the company. 

Although British researchers provide slightly different information. According to their statements, a person who has visited the site in on twentieth of a second already understands whether the site is useful for him, whether he found what he was looking for, and the person will decide to make a purchase or use the service that you offer. Can you believe it? Just onetwentieth of a second! 

Creating a website from scratch, the work is painstaking and diligent. In this process, everything depends on the type of site (business card, landing, corporate, online store). And yet, the bottom line is how best to offer a client service, product, or brand so that each visitor not only clicks on the buttons and reads information about you, but also gets exactly what he came for. 

It is here, at the initial stage of development, that a website design is created from scratch. 

What is web design? This is designing the structure of a web resource, providing convenient use, and obtaining the ultimate goal for the user. The result of the work of a web designer is a layout, in simple words, a picture on which you can see how your site will look like.

Main functions of the Web site design :

The stages of web design creation:

  • Prototype development

    to make a decision about the type and structure of resource pages, rendering of semantic blocks, and placement of the main elements.

  • Style selection and its approval

    (art deco, minimalism, retro, organic, etc).

  • Development of a website design

    the choice of color scheme, font, and similar elements, and ends with the rendering of page layouts according to prototypes.

  • Creation of an adaptive version of the design for the main pages

    Adaptation helps to adapt the site to the screen sizes of any gadget.

What does the cost depend on?

To estimate the financial costs of the project, you will need to answer the following questions:

What type of site do you need?

The design of a company’s website, such as a business card site, online store, portfolio site, personal site, sites from designers, blogs, and portals will require a different amount of work, and hence different payments.

What is the style of the site?

It could be Minimalism, Flat Design, typography, classic or corporate. These are areas of varying difficulty. Some of them are quite easy to create, others will require additional sources, specialists, and time.

Do you need a responsive design or is it necessary to create a mobile version of the site?

The price will vary depending on the client’s desire or need.

Is design exclusivity important?

The Website can be developed from a ready-made template or it can be started from scratch. The first option is faster and costs less, but it can reduce the uniqueness of the site. The second option will take more time and cost but a unique layout will be created. Moreover, such a site will get quickly self-repayment.

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